The "Soha többé Soá!" Foundation

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Our foundation is a public service organization.

The main purpose of the formation of this foundation is to commemorate and lament the loss of our fellow Jewish citizens, humiliated and murdered during World War II.

Our foremost aim is to erect a memorial dedicated to Bonyhád?s victims of the Holocaust, located at a well-frequented site in the city, in time for the 65th Holocaust Remembrance Day, the 16th of April, 2009. Our goal is to shed light on the events of the past, so the history of the Holocaust is remembered and forms a lasting impression on the next generation. By making available to them accurate information on the inglorious events of the past and the involvement and responsibility of Hungary in these deeds, we can hinder the repetition of similar racist crimes. This undertaking is now very urgent since, in the past decade, we have been witnessing with increased frequency more openly anti-Semitic and racist incidents.

Our further goal is to involve as many people as possible from Bonyhad, and the neighboring Tolna County with their support of the foundation?s mission, and thereby express their solidarity with the victims and distance themselves from the beliefs which led to the horrors of the Holocaust and from the individuals and organizations who deny or relativise the events of the Holocaust or openly hold anti-Semitic, Nazi, and Facist views.

Deed of foundation

Our foundation is registered under the jurisdiction of Tolna county.
Chairman of the advisory board: Matos Kálmán

Advisory board members:
- Illés Éva
- Ficsor Tamás
- Kozma Anikó
- Tóparti József